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The more than twenty volumes of Hickory and Lady Slippers tell the stories of the lives and legends of the people of Clay County, West Virginia.  The first volume tells the stories of the earlier pioneers in Clay County and the way life was back in the old days.  Later volumes tell of life on the Elk River, the clans of Clay County, Appalachian poetry, the stories of a coal baron in Widen (who founded the Buffalo Creek and Gauley Railroad), and more!

Later books tell the tales of Ivydale, and special Scared Stiff volumes tell the legendary ghost stories, old wives' tales, remedies, superstitions, and more.  You can also read of early Clay County history, including stories from Big Otter, Wallback, and the early Clay County Post Offices.  Stories about Strange Creek, the Golden Delicious Apple from Porter's Creek, and more are found in Volume IX.

Stay tuned to our site, as we'll be uploading descriptions of each volume and sample pages, photos, and more in the near future!

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